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The Vocational Diploma Programmes

The vocational diploma programmes offered at Nakawa VTC are the first of the kind in the country with one of the core objectives being to fill the human resource skills gap thats currently affect idustrialisation. They started in 2018 and with two programmes on being the Vocational Diploma in Electricial Engineering and the other being the Vocational Diploma in Automotive Mechanics. These two course, each lasts for a year and prepares and produces skilled personnel capable of addressing the deamnds of the industry today. 

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Admission Requirements

An Advanced Craft certificate or Its Equivalent.

A National Certificate

A National Certificate

FAQ's on Certificate courses.

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The vocational diploma currently in place are for 2 years.

To enroll for the diploma courses, one should have an Advanced Craft Certificate in a related field OR A National Certificate in a related field OR A UACE (S6 certificate) with atleast 1 prinicpal pass in a science Combination.

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